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The CINTINC™ Neutralizer™ prevents violence in homes, schools, businesses, and public places.

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Communities prosper only when people are safe, physically and emotionally. From home security systems to commercial security systems, CINTINC serves all industries and can design devices tailored to particular needs.

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What Our Customer Says?

“The CINTINC “Neutralizr” has proven to be invaluable to me, personally and professionally. Unlike many in their industry, they’re true to their word, their products are quality and work very well, better than advertised.

I’ve seen their “Neutralizr” system work first-hand, and I *almost* felt sorry for the unlucky perpetrator who decided their actions to break in needed to be ‘curbed’ on my property – and ‘curbed’ they were. He went down in about a second, incapacitated, and no longer showed any intentions or ability to carry out whatever it was he came to do on my property, leaving plenty of time for law enforcement to show up and take the situation from there.

If you’re looking for a non-lethal security system, let the Cintinc “Neutralizr” be at the top of your consideration. Their staff is top-notch and should be the bar of which all others should aspire to. If ratings were a mark of measurement, I’d give the CINTINC “Neutralizr” system a solid 15/10 – a must-have, rock-solid system from an American-based company.

I wish I were getting a commission for this review, but letting others know just what I’ve found with the CINTINC “Neutralizr” has been nothing short of awesome, and it’s something I’d like to reward with others getting to know them as well.”


Tampa, Florida

Path To Safety

The CINTINC™ Neutralizer™  Services & Procedures for Commercial Security Systems & Home Security Systems.

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Assess access and vulnerable areas.

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Design Risk Minimization plan

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Train personnel to the assessment and risk minimization plan

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Install The Neutralizer where necessary

The CINTINC Neutralizer (patent pending) is the preferred active defense system on the market. The Neutralizer is designed to prevent violence in schools, businesses, churches, or other public place. The Neutralizer is superior to other business security systems because it is the only product that can safely deter and stop looters, active-shooters, armed robberies, shoplifting gangs, burglars, and more. When considering a security plan for your organization, or even for your home, no other non lethal system can do more than the Neutralizer.

Our team constantly studies events involving violence, domestically and globally. As a result, we understand the asymmetric advantage (tactically, economically, and in some places even legally) of the attacker.

CINTINC’s Neutralizer (patent pending) technology is the solution to your security problem and gives you the asymmetric advantage.

CINTINC’s Safety and Security Updates:

Our team of experts persistently study the methods and means of active-shooters, violent mobs, shoplifting gangs, and domestic terrorists. Stay informed of the changing threats near you.

Get to know CINTINC:

“CINTINC traces its beginning to the infamous Hollywood Bank Shootout of February 1997. Subsequent tragedies at schools (Columbine, Sandy Hook, et al) demonstrated a need for paradigm-shift in security and violence-prevention to more such events. The needs of banks, churches, businesses, and law enforcement in responding to active-shooters and others is further evidenced from the results of the Pulse Night Club in Florida to the Las Vegas shooter.”

“When a gunman appears at your door, your life depends on the next decision you make – and it must be made in seconds. Stopping the assailant before he starts is the obvious and best solution. Deterring or stopping the gunman without risking your life requires CINTINC. Our company and team is dedicated to saving lives by incapacitating an assailant before innocents suffer injury.”


Craig Stevens, CEO and Chairman