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At CINTINC, life is the highest priority. For this reason, we are a high-technology developer of unique security solutions that provide active defense for homes, schools, offices, government buildings, and a variety of other applications. Unlike other companies that sell training seminars and books with “hope” as a strategy, CINTINC provides tangible response mechanisms to safely render an intruder harmless for up to 2-hours – plenty of time for the police to arrive. CINTINC stops active shooters, workplace violence, school shooters, and home invaders by pressing a button. All of CINTINC’s technologies are non-lethal and non-hazardous.


“CINTINC™ traces its beginning to the infamous Hollywood Bank Shootout of February 1997. Subsequent tragedies at schools (Columbine, Sandy Hook, et al) demonstrated a need for paradigm-shift in security and violence-prevention to more such events. The needs of banks, churches, businesses, and law enforcement in responding to active-shooters and others is further evidenced from the results of the Pulse Night Club in Florida to the Las Vegas shooter.”

“When a gunman appears at your door, your life depends on the next decision you make – and it must be made in seconds. Stopping the assailant before he starts is the obvious and best solution. Deterring or stopping the gunman without risking your life requires CINTINC. Our company and team is dedicated to saving lives by incapacitating an assailant before innocents suffer injury.”

Executive Management

CINTINC is fortunate to have a high-quality team of executive managers, dedicated to innovative solutions while providing world-class customer care.

Peter Berkman, President
Mr. Berkman is President of CINTINC and remains a practicing attorney in the state of Florida.

Craig Stevens, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Mr. Stevens lives in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Stevens devoted his entire career as an executive in aerospace and law enforcement technology development. From the C-17 and T-45 military aircraft programs, the West Coast Artificial Intelligence Center (McDonnell Douglas) to Laser Products and Surefire LLC. Mr. Stevens was also the Executive Director of The Surefire Institute, a division of Surefire LLC dedicated to training special operations soldiers and law enforcement personnel in the use of high-intensity light as a non-lethal force tool in low-light or no-light conditions.


Craig Stevens, CEO and Chairman

“At CINTINC we recognize the genuine need to create safety through threat minimization in the workplace, Mr. Stevens conceived the idea that would become CINTINC and launched the company which continues to evolve and find new and innovative technologies to keep the public safe.

From its inception, CINTINC created the most advanced security technologies that revolutionize the workplace and home safety.” 

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