The Best ‘Non-Lethal’ Business Security Systems

The CINTINC™ Neutralizer™ prevents violence in schools, businesses, and public places.

CINTINC™ Neutralizr™ is The Best Choice for Commercial, Business, and Church Security Systems.

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Why CINTINC™ is The Best ‘Non-Lethal’ Business Security Systems?

Among business security systems in the market, CINTINC proudly serves our community in a variety of areas and ways. Keeping you and those around you safe from harm is our mission. The World’s First Virtual Security Guard system by CINTINC  is capable of interceding, disrupting, and deterring an intruder, attacker, active-shooter, or thief. More important, you can neutralize the threat or catch a thief without jeopardizing yourself in a face-to-face confrontation. 

CINTINC provides multiple business security systems: active home defense and active business defense with the World’s First Virtual Security Guard System – The Neutralizer

The Neutralizer is a non-lethal self-defense, which is a type of defense specifically designed to shield a defender as it preserves life. This feature makes CINTINCNeutralizer one of the best business security systems in the U.S. market. The Neutralizer works with or without independent CCTV security systems, and constitutes a genuine upgrade in protection as an active defense system. Learn more about non-lethal force.

The average response time to an active-shooter or violent event is 18-minutes (FBI statistics). The average active-shooter or violent event is 6-minutes or less. The math is clear. Even with an “above average” response time from local police, the violence may already be over when they arrive. Will you still be safe?

The Best Non-Lethal Business Security Systems | CINTINC

People We Serve:


As discussed in other sections, every attack on a school is the result of planning. Sadly, many schools lack the skills and knowledge to identify critical points, vulnerabilities, or accessible assets (the CARVER + SHOCK methodology). Knowing how to prevent school violence is not enough. Indeed, some schools, in their genuine desire to improve safety may inadvertently render the school less safe by creating “choke points”, limited and/or locked exits, insufficient training of staff, or even arming their teachers. School violence prevention programs and training must be married to an application to stop the violence as it starts. The Neutralizer was conceived and built to stop school violence while preserving life.

CINTINC  discourages the arming of teachers for a variety of reasons. CINTINC  strongly urges schools to very carefully consider all of the ramifications of arming teachers before doing so. At the same time, it is absolutely critical to fully train armed staff in the safe use of firearms and the standards of tactical applications.


In these times of civil unrest and violence, protecting a small business or retail shop engenders risks unheard of in our history. Allowing a mob to destroy your business is unacceptable but as some owners have discovered, defending your business with a gun may result in your prosecution. CINTINC’s Neutralizer system for business protects your business from the looters, arsonists, shoplifting gangs, burglars, and others who seek to destroy or seize your life’s work.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities should be among the safest places on Earth. Regrettably, they are not as safe one might believe or hope. CINTINC has developed special capabilities and technologies to protect patients, families, and medical staff from harm during a violent event. So whether it is a hospital, out-patient treatment facility, or doctor’s office CINTINC’s technology protects the most vulnerable among us.

Houses of Worship:

A church security plan is needed for every house of worship or place of faith. A security plan is not a denial of faith but a recognition of a need to protect what is sacred. In the first 187-years of America’s history, there was never any shooting at a church. Until 1963. In 2009 alone, there were 1,237 reported crimes at churches (some crimes are believed to have been unreported). Among the reported crimes were: 12 homicides, 38 shootings or similar violent events, 3 kidnappings, 98 arson attacks, and over 700 burglaries. That was over 10-years ago. The number of crimes per year is now averaging over 1,700 and climbing. They are over 1,300 “hate crimes” per year against all faiths (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) and the numbers are climbing rapidly.

Government and Special Projects:

The special needs of government offices, courts, law enforcement stations and military installations are not without threats against them. For this reason, CINTINC stands as a guardian to protect those who protect us and our country. CINTINC is an approved contractor to the US Government.

The Best Non-Lethal Business Security Systems | CINTINC

CINTINC™ is Also The Best ‘Non-Lethal’ Home Security Systems


A couple was relaxing at home on their patio when a mob broke through a locked gate. Arming themselves against the imminent threats of the crowd, the couple sought to “defend themselves and their property.” Although no shots were fired and no one was hurt, the couple was charged with serious crimes that, if convicted, could destroy their lives. An intruder on your property or in your home is a threat. CINTINC’s Neutralizer for the home can render intruders incapacitated for up to 2-hours before he/she enters your home (without resort to a firearm). The Neutralizer is arguably the best non-lethal home defense system on the market.

We are frequently asked for the best way to protect your home from intruders. CCT security systems are inadequate for protection. An active self-defense system is essential to stop or deter a home intruder. To achieve a higher level of safety and security for your home and family, the Neutralizer is the tool for you.

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