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In these troubled times of civil unrest and escalating rates of violent crime the safety and security of your family and business is paramount. Our Team is dedicated to providing patented, technological solutions that keep you safe.

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As cities across America discuss the role of police and policing in society, police departments are more and more denied the means to enforce law and order leaving the population at the mercy of the ruthless. Relying on home alarm systems for your business or residence is antiquated and ineffective. Daily, home and business owners are confronted with the dilemma of defending their family or business – and potentially go to prison for doing so – or allowing elements of the mob to destroy the work of a lifetime.

We give you the means to save your home or business without risking a lifetime in prison.

Threat Assessment:

The Threat Assessment is a prerequisite to any Risk Assessment. Knowing the difference between a “Howler” versus a “Hunter” is important. Unlike other security companies, we go far beyond the norm in providing and delivering a Threat Assessment. The careful collection of facts, layouts, circumstances, and the personalities of the individual threats is not enough.

Our professional team will work with you to determine areas of vulnerability not obvious to an untrained eye. Criticality, accessibility, and other essential factors (the CARVER + Shock methodology) are assessed to yield a more comprehensive view of your security condition. Only after a Threat Assessment is complete can anyone properly evaluate and construct a Risk Containment plan.

Risk Containment Plan:

The Risk Containment Plan is a product of the Threat Assessment whereby the threats and the risks they pose are “contained” or “channeled” to areas where you possess strengths unbeknownst to the perpetrator. Heretofore, an attacker maintained significant and potentially deadly advantages that made the cost of defending against a criminal attack prohibitive. The criminal held a disproportionate advantage over the victim. We work hard to alter this calculus to favor you against the criminal. For more information, call 877-CINTINC™ today.

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