CINTINC, the maker of the Neutralizr – the world’s first virtual security guard, is pleased to announce its application for developmental test and evaluation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security of the Neutralizr is formally submitted. DHS said a pre-qualified recommendation of the Neutralizr is expected in about 21-days. DHS also said procurement pre-qualification is expected in about 60-days. A “Completion Notice” letter from DHS is expected in about 30-days.

Asked to comment about the news, Mr. Craig Stevens, CEO of CINTINC said, “I am incredibly happy for our team and delighted by their progress toward eventual certification of the Neutralizr by the DHS. A tremendous amount of work was invested by our people in developing the Neutralizr and making it safe, effective, and reliable. This day is for everyone who contributed to Neutrlizr and making this company a success. This is their day to bask in the glory of a job well-done.”

When asked what this announcement means for government users of the Neutralizr, Mr. Stevens said, “Upon receipt of the Completion Notice letter, the DHS will recommend the Neutralizr for installation and use by every federal, state, and local government agency. This is especially important for parents of school-aged children because DHS will recommend the Neutralizr as a prequalified product for use by K-12 schools as a nonlethal anti-terrorism and anti-shooter device.”

Developmental test and evaluation by the DHS is a key step toward certification with additional and significant benefits and protections for commercial users of the Neutralizr.

Upon the Completion Notice, CINTINC will immediately submit the Neutralizr for application as a “Designated” product and company as approved by DHS. An announcement by CINTINC to this effect is expected in about 45-days.

Later this year, CINTINC expects to achieve status as a “Certified” product and company by the DHS, the third and final step in the process.

Parties interested in purchasing the Neutralizr may contact CINTINC at [email protected] or by calling (949) 432-8981